hed shot   m i c h a e l   p e t e r   r a e

L   U   G   E       A   R   C   H   I   V   E

As some of you know, from 2008-2011 my winter training for the yearly Ride to Conquer Cancer was building and maintaining a 300ft luge in our backyard. I made short luge videos to bring social media awareness to my cause and to help raise the $2500 per year each rider commits to. Over those four years I rasied in excess of $11,000.

Though I no longer participate in the Ride, the luge endures. Our efforts at fundraising also continue and we are looking to sponsor two great causes this year. Money is raised at our two private luge parties held in late february. This year's causes are the 2018 Ride to Conquer Cancer and the Children's Treatment Network Family Fund. Since 2012 the intrepid Lugers have risked life and limb to raise ~$4700 for The Ride to Conquer Cancer, Gildas Club, The Children's Treatment Network and Pancreatic Cancer Canada.

This luge is dedicated in loving memory to my mom: Mary Kathryn Rae (1939-2014).





Below I have archived Luge videos from 2007-2015. Please enjoy.

Media Coverage 2015


Ozz from Rock 95: Live on-air. MAR 4 2015


CTV BARRIE Feb. 28 2015


Toronto Star Feb. 27 2015

CTV TORONTO Feb. 21 2015



CTV BARRIE Feb. 20 2015


CTV BARRIE Raw Helicopter Footage



Feb. 28 2015

Feb. 19 2015


Feb. 13 2015

Jan. 27 2015



Press 2014

Barrie Advance: Feb.25

Barrie Examiner: Feb.21


Feb. 17 2014


Feb. 8 2014


A G A I N !


Dec. 24 to Jan. 8 2014


Feb. 17 2012



Feb. 2 2012



Jan. 14 2012




Feb. 28 2011



Jan. 24 2011



Jan. 14 2011


Dec. 30 2010


Mar. 7 2010



Feb. 21 2010

Lake Simcoe Skating Rink pt.3



Feb. 5 2010

plus Lake Simcoe Skating Rink pt.2


Lake Simcoe Skating Rink pt.1


Jan'10 2010


Dec '09 2010




Luge Montage '07-'09





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