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The Crevice Collective:

Formed in 2001 during a three-day break between exhibitions at the DeLeon White Gallery as an experiment in spatially synchronized video and sound.

Consisting of a diverse group of Dj's, graphic artists, architects, programmers, designers, photographers, videographers, actors and writers, Crevice occupied the space for those 72 hours as a workshop and then exhibition for the newly developed Lookbot spatially synchronized video system. The system debuted with a work developed by the crevice team specifically for the Deleon White show with illustrations by Marc Ngui.

The varied works of Crevice's personnel have been shown at Gallery Stratford, The Art Gallery of Ontario, The Toronto Images Festival, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Luminato, Nuit Blanche and various other festivals and galleries.

Crevice at Shift Magazine Year End.




Crevice's White Room @ Gallery Stratford 2002


Crevice at the Toronto Images Festival 2003



Crevice at the Art Gallery of Ontario 2003



Crevice Reel 2001-2002












Kids and the Lookbot: Arts Alive Programme: Gallery Stratford. 2003



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